Pike Road

Pike Road Millwork produces architectural millwork, flooring, furniture, cabinets and specialty items using reclaimed wood as well as new hardwoods. Our company is founded on the belief that our clients deserve high quality, custom crafted products delivered with unmatched customer service. Our goal with every project is to make sure the architects, designers, and clients we work with have the best possible experience from start to finish.  At Pike Road Millwork we go to great lengths to make sure the quality of the products we produce and the service provided by our team, exceed our clients’ expectations. Pike Road Millwork takes pride in our ability to reclaim aged materials and repurpose them as new-again products.  Whether it’s a textile mill in Manhattan, a tobacco warehouse in Kentucky, or an 100 year old barn in Ohio– our team of craftsmen and designers will skillfully transform mature material into fresh new products to meet the high standards our clients require. Each product we create at Pike Road Millwork is overseen by a project manager and skillfully produced by our team of experienced craftsmen. The material, reclaimed or new, is monitored throughout this process to ensure that each piece adheres to our rigorous quality control standards.

In addition to our production facilities in Montgomery, Alabama, Pike Road Millwork has a new studio and window & door showroom open by appointment in Birmingham, Alabama near Pepper Place. Please contact us for a consult or additional information about our capabilities and markets we serve.